Aimee Hayes Aimee Hayes

Accounts Creative Partner

A free-thinker and an intuitive creative, Aimee is naturally at ease connecting with, well, just about everybody. Her thoughtful manner is a key asset when working with future business partners in determining their creative needs. As a seeker of new opportunities, she focuses on the future of the business as she constantly explores new ways for Allovus to grow and expand.

Alan Walker Alan Walker

Accounts Creative Partner

Alan loves to drive projects as much as he loves to drive cars. And not just any type of car. He has expertise with racing Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Formula Audi to name a few. His unique mix of moxie and control management prove to be invaluable as he deftly balances multiple accounts and client relationships. Alan uses his well-honed logistical talent to keep clients well-informed and to identify potential clients for future projects.

Alison Grauman Alison Grauman

Studios Creative Partner

Alison has worn many hats throughout her illustrious career including UX designer and project manager. But not everyone knows that she's also an inventor! She holds many U.S. patents in her name, including one entitled, Method and System for Scalable Borders that Provide an Appearance of Depth. With a keen eye and aptitude for order, Alison strikes a wonderful balance between elegant design and detailed methodology.

Allison Flanigan Allison Flanigan

Studios Creative Partner

A Jill-of-all-trades, Allison is a multi-tasking, event-planning, project-managing whirlwind. She holds all the pieces of a project together making sure things get done correctly, on budget, on time - and all are happy in the process. With her past experience of running her own company, she knows what it means to get it done - whatever it takes.

Brian Jensen Brian Jensen

Recruiting Creative Partner

Not only does Brian listen incredibly well, he uses what he learns to make the best possible match between client and talent. He considers his top priority to intently focus on the talent and skill of those he represents to make sure where they get placed is a good long-term fit. He's passionate about expanding the brand and visibility of Allovus, which makes his moves of the here-and-now a great pathway for our future.

Hayley Nichols Hayley Nichols

Founding Creative Partner

When Hayley created Allovus she had two primary goals in mind. She sought to address the needs of the region's high-tech community while also enabling Allovus employees to make their personal lives a priority. Now, as she continues to grow the Allovus brand, she's moving the message forward through a variety of charitable projects in the community. She believes a creative mind is what fosters change and innovation, and by supporting college scholarships for high school students with the and other entrepreneurial projects, she hopes to give many the freedom to learn, create, and build.

Heather Axtell Heather Axtell

HR Creative Partner

Heather makes sure new employees feel like a part of the Allovus family from day one. As the HR and benefits lead, she gently guides newcomers through their onboarding process and makes sure they utilize all of their benefit options in the best way possible. In addition, she is charged with maintaining the company morale, as she is our biggest ambassador for championing Allovus' "family comes first" core values. Sweet.

Jason Calhoun Jason Calhoun

Operations Creative Partner

Jason believes what the collective builds together is better than what any one person can build on their own. Which is why he finds himself right back where he grew up after years with tech companies in Chicago and Silicon Valley. Jason strives for a balance, and is deeply attracted to Allovus' cultural values-working hard and enjoying who you work with—but not at the sacrifice of your family.

Karen Walker Karen Walker

Systems Creative Partner

In this case, the diva is definitely into the details. Karen keeps everybody in-check and on their toes when it comes to keeping the Allovus data accurate and up-to-date. She insures that all of our systems are tested and reliable. But her hallmark characteristic is her willingness to jump in and assist wherever needed. Karen is the go-to gal.

Liz Ashley Liz Ashley

Operations Creative Partner

With her roots in fine art and her head in the management of all things technical, Liz proves that art and science can exist harmoniously. She has interwoven the fields of design, fine art, accounting, and management to develop a unique understanding of projects, deliverables, and creative personalities. Her thoughtful left-brain/right-brain approach also helps Liz adeptly manage our technical team.

Miranda Wilimczyk Miranda Wilimczyk

Recruiting Creative Partner

Miranda knows when the fit is right for both talent and client. The designer turned high-energy recruiter is invested in finding our creatives work that is meaningful and engaging; she is relentless in her goal to fulfill their career hopes and dreams. Miranda's approachable manner, easy-going personality, and design "shop talk" make her a perfect ambassador for our Allovus team.

Rob Nichols Rob Nichols

R&D Creative Partner

The former philosophy major takes a holistic approach to programming, as he believes technology should be an extension of human processes; not a cumbersome addition. Rob brings 15+ years of creating software products and services to custom development projects. He oversees planning, implementation, and compliance of complex business solutions.

Robert Massa Robert Massa

Design Creative Partner

Robert is the illustration genius behind the Allovus brand; and he is a pretty stellar designer, too. He has illustrated and designed our calendars, party invitations, holiday cards, and wine bottles. Robert is able to successfully take a broad idea and distill it down to its core essence with a variety of concepts. Not only that, he's wicked fast in the process.

Steve Godfrey Steve Godfrey

UX Creative Partner

Framing problems, looking at all angles and perspectives, and bringing things into focus for the team—is it any surprise Steve has been an avid photographer since his college days? For Steve, creative direction combines a collaborative spirit topped with a subtle sense of humor. With 20+ years of creative know-how, his expertise spans from the optimization of user-centric experiences to high-fidelity prototyping to corporate branding.

Todd Schultz Todd Schultz

Support Creative Partner

Todd has been in the tech biz longer than he'd like to admit. In addition to his role as Support Specialist and Design Integrator at Allovus, he has 17 years of experience in development, and has worked on notable projects such as Microsoft Office, Surface, Xbox, and Azure. Todd does his level-best to distract our talent with a lifetime supply of cheerful technobabble while he attempts to figure out the source of their equipment or software troubles.

Viviane Veraguth Viviane Veraguth

Recruiting Creative Partner

With Swiss precision (which comes from being born and raised in Switzerland), Viviane evaluates the required skill sets for Allovus projects and then repeatedly provides the best possible creative talent. Viviane is a passionate recruiter with a love for connecting people within the creative industry. Her 15+ years of experience in both designing UX solutions as well as leading successful recruiting programs in fast-paced environments facilitates her understanding of a client's business requirements while successfully managing the professional needs of a variety of creative talent.