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  • As the crop of 2016 presidential candidates throw their names into the hat, they’re now revealing their logos and websites to the public. Criticism of the candidates’ character and political platforms are to be expected, but not usually the look of their logos. When Hillary Clinton recently revealed her new logo, it drew all kinds … Continue reading
  • Remember when there were no cell phones? Remember when TVs were square and weighed 100 pounds? Remember when you had to cut a piece of rubylith with an X-Acto knife to mask off areas of your design to prep it for print—or had to use a hot wax roller to paste down your text? Or … Continue reading
  •   Huck magazine, a publication that celebrates radical culture, has released its first book entitled, Paddle Against The Flow. According to Huck, “The book is a bible of creative advice from 60 inspirational ‘doers’ – from Kim Gordon to Kelly Slater to Ralph Steadman. Paddle Against The Flow is for a generation who—faced with harsh economic realities—make … Continue reading
  • Remember those iconic movie posters from your youth? Posters for movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and even Harry Potter? The essence of each story seems to be captured in just one still frame displayed in cinemas, on the sides of buses, and posted on the walls of subways and buildings … Continue reading