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  • Sometimes designers just need to vent. Of course, venting can be negative and counter-productive, but it can be healthy too—especially if it makes you laugh. The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) recently featured an article by Mike Hicks, principal of Hixo Incorporated, in Austin, Texas, in their Eye on Design blog. Hicks listed everything … Continue reading
  • Think your child is wasting oodles of time glued to those Minecraft game screens? Maybe not. The educational component of Minecraft has attracted attention worldwide. It seems as though kids are learning a lot from this highly addictive form of entertainment.  From programming, to design, to developing killer visual/spatial acumen, Minecraft is creating a generation … Continue reading
  • Gone are the days when interviewing for a job was straightforward. You showed up with your resume and portfolio in hand—said all the right things, displayed your work and bam—either you got the job or you didn’t. But in today’s world, in addition to having a beautiful portfolio site and digital resume, you also need … Continue reading
  • If you work in the design industry, chances are you’ve had to take some pretty tough critiques on your work. How did you handle it? According to an article Catchapp, “Critiquing, both giving and receiving, is a skill that can be developed and improved for better results. There are certain strategies, restrictions, and considerations that, … Continue reading